Our consultants provide a range of expert witness & consulting services to assist with construction related legal matters including but not limited to: Site Inspections, Document Review, Evaluation of Contractors Means & Methods, Forensic Building Code Investigation, and Estimating.

Regardless of whether we work on behalf of a Plaintiff, Defendant, Third-Party Defendant or Insurance Company, we only provide unbiased, impartial opinions prepared using legally-defensible evidence-based evaluation methods.

These are not a complete listing of all of the services we provide, so please feel free to contact us with any other matters related to construction. If we aren’t able to assist you, we can refer you to an appropriately credentialed expert.

Site Inspections

Our consultants can provide evidence preservation, inspections and evaluations including:

  • Document existing conditions
  • Photograph deficiencies and anomalies
  • *NEW* Drone photography/videography
  • Observe destructive testing and repair work
  • Provide verbal or written reports on conditions

Document Review

Our consultants can provide document review, investigation and evaluations including:

  • Historic permit research
  • Contract interpretation
  • Deposition testimony review
  • Opposing expert report evaluation

Evaluation of Contractors Means and Methods

Our consultants can provide both a contractor’s and building official’s perspective on the contractors means and methods of construction including:

  • Allocation of contractor responsibility
  • Preparation of repair protocol
  • Evaluation of Contractor responsibilities and duties
  • Determination of appropriateness of installation methodology
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Forensic Building Code Investigation

Our consultants can provide both a contractor’s and building official’s perspective on the applicability of the building code, and related standards including:

  • Forensic Code Evaluation
  • Applicability of Code Provisions
  • Latent Defects Analysis
  • Forensic Building Code Violation Research


Our consultants can provide accurate, real-world construction cost analyses from actively licensed contractors including:

  • Appropriate repair cost evaluation
  • Cost to repair estimating
  • Forensic cost analysis / cost appropriations
  • Plan review and takeoff estimating

Other Services

In addition to the categories above, we provide the following construction litigation support services:

  • Negligence / Products Liability
  • OSHA evaluation of duties
  • Water Intrusion / Moisture Migration & Mold Evaluations
  • Ordinance and Statute Violation evaluation
  • Permit / Land-Use Issues
  • Contract / Tenant Disputes
  • Mediation & Arbitration Testimony / Presentations
  • Construction Arbitrator Services through the American Arbitration Association
  • Construction Mediation Services
  • Demonstrative Aide / Exhibit preparation
  • Construction Safety Equipment failure investigation

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